In 1972 Maurice and Sylvia Girouard moved from New Hampshire to Salt Lake City to be near some of the greatest skiing on earth. After a year in the Rockies, they missed those killer subs from back east and decided to bring them to Utah. In 1973, two brothers Moe and Roger Girouard started a small sub shop on State Street across from the old South High School. But after a couple of years, Roger decided to move his family back to New Hampshire. It was just Moe and Sylvia after that. This original location is still serving up the best cheesesteaks in the city, more than 45 years later, known as the Original Sub Shop which is still on the logo. The name was officially changed to Grinders 13 in 1975.

A Grinder is a unique New Hampshire colloquialism for a large roll split lengthwise and filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments. Also known as a sub, hoagie or hero.  Many believe the sandwich was named for the dock workers who would grind rivets off battleships under repair. Italian immigrants would set up stands near these docks to sell their generously filled sandwiches to the workers referred to as “The Grinders”. Why Grinders 13, the 13 represents the number of sandwiches we had on the menu at the time.  Though there are a few more now. The State Street Store was the first of several locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Over 20 years ago the Girouard’s decided to keep the personal touch of a family owned establishment they would settle on their two current locations. “Grinders 13 on State” at 1618 S State St and “the West Valley Store” 2125 S 3200 W. you will still find Moe running the West Valley Store after all these years. As of Today, we only run our flagship location out of West Valley Utah. 

We still make the meatballs from scratch and the spaghetti sauce is an old family recipe. We still hand trim, slice and cook our steak daily to deliver a more authentic product than the one made from pre-sliced frozen boxes. We go to great lengths to purchase the freshest produce available; we believe we owe it to our customers to provide red ripe tomatoes, crisp green lettuce and flavorful appetizing onions. We take great pride in our bakery fresh rolls which are delivered daily, these are the foundation for our delicious sandwiches. By slicing our deli meats and grating our cheeses fresh we can deliver the most flavorful option for your meal. Quality and customer satisfaction continues to be our main ingredient.

Come on by and join us for some east coast classics like the Cheese Steak, Meatball, or Italian Meats. Don’t forget to dig into some freshly cooked French fries with that Utah favorite ..fry sauce.